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The year in review: Cloudability in 2014

By Toban Zolman on December 30, 2014

A lot has changed for Cloudability users in 2014.

From how you plan your Reserved Instance purchases to how you communicate spending across departments, we’ve introduced a ton of new functionality this year for revolutionizing the way you manage your cloud spend.

Want to see how far we’ve come? Check out the new features that Cloudability released this year:

Custom dashboard

We personalized cost management with Custom Dashboards

Providing decision-makers access to the data they need became a simple matter with the release of Custom Dashboards, which can be personalized to display each user’s priority data.

Report subscription

Report Subscriptions made data sharing easy

Communicating spending and usage data across your organization became an automated breeze with the release of Report Subscriptions. Simply select which of your cost and usage reports to share, the frequency of delivery, and the recipients, and let email do the rest.

Advanced views

We filtered out noise with Advanced Views

Filtering through massive amounts of data to the metrics that matter to you has always been a key Cloudability feature. With the release of Advanced Views, we enabled global tag- and account-based filters for each user at your company—so they can have easy access to the data that matters, and nothing more.

Reserved Instance Planner

The Reserved Instance Planner got a makeover

After a wildly successful beta, we were thrilled to finally launch our Reserved Instance Planner into General Availability in early 2014, newly equipped with modification capability to help you re-allocate underused Reserved Instances.

Reserved Instance metrics

We unlocked Reserved Instance data with the DBR

When we unlocked AWS Detailed Billing Report data for our users, it opened up a world of spectacular insight into how RIs are being used. With Reserved Utilization reports, cost per hour, and more, your RI management has never been simpler.

Google sheets

Google Sheets unleashed a data storm

At its core, Cloudability is all about data—and we’re always looking for ways to make that data more accessible. By combining the Cloudability API with Google Sheets, we developed a quick and easy way to get dynamic data straight out of Cloudability and into your hands.


Time Period Comparisons showed us how far we’ve come

Identifying changes in your cloud bill became a simple matter when we released Time Period Comparisons for Cloudability Reports, allowing users to simply select date ranges, then see both time periods graphed on one chart.

We’ve been so thrilled to see how the industry has grown this year—and to work with some of the most innovative and advanced AWS users in facilitating that growth, with a cloud cost management tool that is the best it’s ever been.

There’s no stopping now. Just wait ‘til you see what’s next.

-The Cloudability Team

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