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The Journey Begins: Why We Built Cloudability

By J.R. Storment on April 15, 2011

Last year while working with other startups, we kept running into a common problem: companies using the Cloud have a really hard time keeping track of how much they’re spending.  At the same time, it seems that nearly everyone is moving some part of their business onto the Cloud.

The smaller startups we spoke with — and particularly SaaS companies — told us that they use upwards of 20 distinct cloud based services for hosting, billing, encoding, marketing, CRM, customer support, etc. As cloud use increases, it becomes more difficult to get insight into how that spending affects the bottom line and to ensure that precious capital isn’t being wasted.

Larger companies shared with us a whole different set of cloudy challenges: pushback from CFOs and CEOs due to a lack of financial control, finance departments making tech managers pull data weekly or even daily to update them on current costs, uncontrolled spending on corporate credit cards, slow downs in deployments from tech execs worried about compliance and control issues, and more. We also kept hearing horror stories of companies getting blindsided by $100k AWS bills or those who had left dozens of $14/hr instances running weeks after they were needed.

Armed with all of this, we started building a system to help our consulting clients nip potential cloud billing problems in the bud. This system provided comprehensive reporting across multiple cloud services, while enabling granular tracking of spending by a variety of criteria. Our customers who used this system were ecstatic; they were no longer flying blind. The positive feedback we received prompted us to spin that little billing script into our new venture, Cloudability.

We have been making good progress:

We believe that Cloudability can help bring some sanity to the tangled—and often opaque—billing that goes along with doing business on the Cloud. In the process, we’re hoping to build a profitable business that is based on helping other businesses become more profitable.  We feel good about that.

If you have questions, ideas or input on anything we’re doing, we want to hear from you. If Cloudability sounds like something you could use, please sign up for the Cloudability early private beta list.

Thanks for being a part of the journey and wish us luck!

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