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What to Expect at AWS Transformation Day London 2017

By J.R. Storment on October 17, 2017
We’re excited to be a sponsor at the AWS Transformation Day London this year. Cloud is becoming a service everyone can harness within the organization and we’d like to talk with attendees about how to unlock cloud’s true power.

Remember cloud’s early days? Vendor discounts like Reserved Instances were a bit easier to wrangle and it was mainly technology teams spinning up and expensing resources, mostly unseen (until things scaled and the finance teams start noticing!).

Now we have thousands of different cloud features and SKUs to choose from and countless permutations of rate discounts to navigate. The finance teams that were once the last to find out about cloud spend now have the platform and means (using a tool like Cloudability) to manage that spend to budget. Technology teams now know that to scale cloud properly, accountability and transparency to the rest of the org is required.

Seeing teams work collaboratively like this is what makes Transformation Day London exciting to us. We’re going to see Business, Procurement and Technology Leaders hanging out together to evolve their understanding and usage of cloud. From utilization, to modeling financial impact and even into the depths of cloud security best practices, everyone has something new to learn. As Jeff Bezos, CEO of AWS says,

“In business what is dangerous is not to evolve.”

Key Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

The synopsis and schedule for the event are available on the official Transformation Day London site. Here are a few of the sessions outside of the major keynotes that we’ll be keeping an eye on from a cloud spend management perspective:

See the official Session Schedule for more speaker details.

Stop by at Booth #S5 to Meet Us

If you need a break between the sessions, come visit the cloud spend management experts at Cloudability. We’ll be hanging out at Booth #S5 and are ready to talk shop and show how we get entire enterprises to optimize cloud across teams, together. And feel free to book a private meeting for a more hands-on look at our platform.

Being in the know feels great