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Welcoming DataHero to the Cloudability family

By Mat Ellis on January 6, 2016
DataHero and Cloudability

Today, I’m delighted to welcome DataHero to the Cloudability family. We’re very excited to be bringing together the leading cloud cost management tool with the real world insights of DataHero.

As companies spend more to run applications on public clouds, effectively managing cloud spending becomes increasingly urgent, difficult and risk prone.  We have been trained to ask ourselves ‘how much did I spend last month/year on IT?’ However, mastering the cloud at scale requires us to think about spending in a completely new way, and instead we should be asking ourselves ‘what did it cost us to do some important business activity?’. The important activity in question can be almost anything: a web page served, a widget sold, a ride taken across town or even a flight to the other side of the planet.

For the last few years, DataHero’s team of visualization gurus and data scientists have been helping their customers analyze and understand exactly these important business activities that matter most, in turn creating one of the world’s most intuitive cloud BI platforms. Bringing these insights into Cloudability will allow users to answer increasingly complex questions about their cloud spending.

There are many examples where your cloud spending is so much easier to understand simply because of a real number (not something made up by a chargeback) that clearly tells you something important or actionable. The key thing here is to change our thinking and view IT as a driver of profit, and not a destroyer of budgets.

Growth in cloud computing and infrastructure is only accelerating, and there’s no future that’s less complex and cloudy. With the addition of the DataHero team and insights we are bringing ever greater visibility and clarity to our customers’ clouds, which in turn will only accelerate cloud adoption rates. Cloudability’s users include some of the biggest and most sophisticated cloud users on the planet, with over 15% of all AWS spending coursing through our system. What our userbase is doing today to manage big clouds will likely become best practice tomorrow, and we are happy to predict that a focus on actual technology unit costs is one thing we will be taking for granted in the not too distant future.

On a more personal note, I’ve just got back from two days in San Francisco with the DataHero team. It was an amazing process to meet such a fantastic team of smart and dedicated people for the first time. This talented group has a fresh take to share on our space and  offering, and it was thrilling to spend time with them. I’m  excited to think about what 2016 may bring when I imagine what a team of DataHeroes and Cloudabillies can and will do together.

As ever, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We love hearing from you.


One last thing. After four years of meeting great people who loved what we did but didn’t want to leave the Bay, we have now a fabulous SOMA office  to house new CloudHeroes, or Databillies, or whatever we are called now. If you find what we’re doing interesting and meaningful, and like Portland, Boulder, or (hooray!) San Francisco, please drop us a line at

Being in the know feels great