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VIDEO: The Future of the Cloud w/ @BenKepes, @Krishnan and @AlexWilliams

By Aaron Kaffen on August 3, 2012

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The tech world is a-buzz around the Cloud. But a lot of that pontificating focuses on the current state of the Cloud. What about next month, or next year? What does the future of the Cloud have in store?

On July 19th, we were fortunate enough to have Ben Kepes (@BenKepes), Krishnan “Krish” Subramanian (@Krishnan) and Alex Williams (@AlexWilliams) in our neck of the woods, and it seemed silly not to point a camera at them while they imparted some prophetic wisdom about the Cloud, where it’s headed and what that will mean for the rest of us.

Topics include:

Check out the video above for some insight about the future of the Cloud.

Being in the know feels great