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How using Cloudability makes Finance’s life easier

By Doug Gould on December 16, 2013

Instead of spending time figuring out what your tech teams have spent on the Cloud, wouldn’t it be nice to spend time talking to them about how best to spend it?

Finance’s problem with the Cloud

Working Finance at a company that uses a lot of cloud resources can be a very rough job. You’re given the thankless task of managing resources that are hard to understand, tough to keep track of, and often used by really large teams. This can make for absolute chaos during budget planning and close. In meetings where you’re supposed to be bringing strategic value to the business units, you’ll find yourself struggling to so much as make sense of your resources.

Prior to my days at Cloudability, I was working in corporate finance at a pair of Fortune 500 companies. I know from experience that Finance systems are tough to work with— sometimes so tough that process alone can end up taking up all of your time. Meanwhile,  technology such as the cloud allows your business partners to move faster than your processes allow. You desperately need tools that can help you stop wasting time on reporting, and that can grant you access to vital information.

Bid the chaos goodbye

That’s where Cloudability can help.

Our app has rendered a lot of the manual processes related to reporting, cost allocation, and budgeting obsolete. This means fewer errors, fewer spreadsheets, and much more time available for other tasks. How do we do this? By taking cloud cost data directly from AWS, and putting it straight into reports that you can manipulate however you’d like. We even put a nice interface on it, so that you can create reports and export them straight to PowerPoint— without ever touching an Excel macro.

So what do you do with all the time that Cloudability saves you? Discuss how the Cloud can be used to for greater business advantages, not just how much it costs. Talk to your IT teams about how they’re using the Cloud, not just how much they’re spending.

Instead of playing catch up, you can even get ahead of the game for once.

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