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Three must-watch re:Invent talks from companies nailing AWS cost management

By Leah Weitz on November 20, 2014

Cost management was in the spotlight at this year’s re:Invent, and with good reason. Whether running massive big data workloads or powering groundbreaking apps, the companies using AWS to accomplish big things all described a common challenge: tracking, governing, and optimizing their AWS spending.

In these three talks, you’ll learn about the tools and strategies used by some of the largest AWS users to effectively manage their AWS costs across increasingly complex infrastructures.


Running Lean Architectures: How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency

Adobe re:Invent 2014We loved this talk in which Adobe speaker Yimin Jiang shared her company’s proactive cost management practices, from making cost-efficient infrastructure choices to employing a variety of monitoring and reporting tools. While we highly recommend watching the whole thing, you can go straight to the section of the talk that discusses cost monitoring here.


MegaRun: Behind the 156,000 Core HPC Run on AWS & On-demand Clusters

HGST re:Invent2014In this talk, speakers from HGST shared the tools and strategies they used to manage the costs of running a massive project on AWS. The insight derived from managing the costs of such a spectacular endeavor are not to be missed—skip straight to the portion of the talk that addresses their cost management efforts here.


How Technology is Transforming Education

Chegg re:Invent 2014In this session, speakers from Chegg described how they dynamically use AWS services to scale according to the cyclical nature of the school year, including how they manage their fluctuating costs. Skip straight to their cost management strategies here.


The tools they use

While you’ll note that these companies have tailored their cost management strategies to their own unique needs, they all have at least one thing in common: a toolset to help them along the way. If you’d like to try out the same tools these companies are using to optimize their cloud spending, start a free 14-day trial of Cloudability today.


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