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Three more folks at your company who need re:Invent tickets before they sell out

By Leah Weitz on October 9, 2014

AWS re:Invent is selling out fast. And before it does, you need to make sure you’ve got the right folks going. Sending your DevOps team to get up-to-date on the latest tech is a no-brainer—but be sure you’re not forgetting to take care of ‘business.’ Here are a few additional members of your organization who may not all be strictly tech-oriented, but should definitely be on your re:Invent list.

The roster

Make sure you bring these folks along to keep your DevOps team company: 

Product Managers: Depending on how big your company is, the Product Manager may be the CEO or VP of Product. Whatever their title, make sure you bring whoever’s in charge of making business decisions about the capacity in which your company uses the cloud.

Finance: Whether you can snag your CFO or can only send a representative, ensure that a member of the team that approves funding for your cloud use makes it to Vegas.

Whoever’s in charge of your dev/test: This could be an Ops person, a QA Lead, or someone in Engineering—whoever is responsible for your dev/test instances. Whatever their specific title, this person affects technological change according to business directives, and should definitely be there.

The reason

So, what’s the occasion for inviting your Finance team, Product Managers, and the person in charge of your Dev/Test to join you for a weekend of all things AWS? It’s because implementing cloud resources efficiently and effectively is a process—and it depends heavily on each of these people.

The folks involved at each step of your business’s cloud implementation need to understand how AWS works. They also need to understand what cost-management strategies and tools can and should be used in different scenarios—a heavy emphasis of this year’s conference. If only one of the groups involved in the process of cloud implementation understands its nuances fully, affecting productive change within the organization will be a lot harder than it should. Purchasing and using Reserved Instances, for example, will be a much easier process if your Finance team is familiar with how they work and what the advantages of using them are.

Every person involved in your business’s cloud use needs to have a firm understanding of what’s going on—and sending them to re:Invent will provide a great crash course for getting them all in sync with the technology and with each other. 

The resources

Once you’ve arrived in Vegas, you can get your team started learning about AWS cost management at one of our two talks, Iterating Your Way to 95% Reserved Instance Usage and Creating A Culture of Cost Management In Your Organization. You can also swing by our booth (#1012) at any time during the conference—we’re happy to chat and answer questions. We’re also very excited to show you all of the new stuff we’ve been working on.

If you’d like to schedule a chat during the conference, we’d love to find a time to meet —and if you can’t make it to re:Invent this year, we can find a time to meet any time. Whether in Vegas or in a Hangout, we look forward to hearing from you!

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