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These 13 Parks and Recreation gifs perfectly describe the Reserved Instance buying process

By Leah Weitz on April 1, 2015
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Editor’s Note: Hello readers, and happy Spring! We’re celebrating this season of new beginnings with a new and improved blogging format. We know that our posts in the past have been a little less than hip… which is why we’ll be injecting our new ones with a hearty dose of cultural relevance and whimsical fun! We think you’ll like our new style, and hope you enjoy this inaugural post. Happy reading!


You’re just trying to use the cloud effectively.

My strategy is to win.

But you have a little problem.

Nervous breakdown

The thing is, you’re racking up some pretty hefty charges with your AWS usage.

I should not have done this

You don’t know what to do. You worry you’ll go over-budget for the quarter.

stacked against you

You’ve heard that there are these things called Reserved Instances, which have a lower hourly rate than on-demand prices.


….But then you find out that there’s an upfront cost.

throwing shade

You’ve heard talk about an app called Cloudability that can help you calculate which Reserved Instance purchases will recoup the cost and generate savings, but you aren’t convinced.

tip app

But then you realize that Cloudability can calculate super-accurate Reserved Instance recommendations for you based on your hourly usage patterns. So you decide to try it.

are you ready?

The app finds tons of opportunities for Reserved Instance savings, all where you’ve been paying on-demand.

choo choo

You make the purchases, and cross your fingers for savings.

go big

A month later, you look at your AWS bill…


….And it’s thousands of dollars lower than the previous month was!

leslie dancing

Good job, you!

smiling leslie

Make your Finance team as happy as Leslie Knope eating waffles and trim your bill with some reservations today—simply log in or sign up for a free 14-day trial to get started planning your purchases. Then check back next week for our next post: “This man avoided looking at his cloud bill for an entire month. What happened next will shock you!


Being in the know feels great