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The year in review: Cloudability in 2015

By Leah Weitz on January 12, 2016
Year in review

2015 was a big year for Cloudability users. From powerful new tools to fundamental redesigns of existing features, we’ve introduced a ton of new functionality for comprehensive, customizable, and actionable insight into your cloud costs.

Check out the year’s biggest feature releases:


The RI Planner ushered in a new era of savings

When AWS introduced new Reserved Instance types back in January, we were quick to update our Reserved Instance Planner to help users navigate their new options.



Microsoft Azure Support took your cross-cloud cost management to the next level

With the release of our Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cost Management Support, Azure users gained the ability to monitor and allocate their spending using the same Cloudability tools that AWS users know and love. Multi-cloud users can even view costs across multiple cloud providers at the same time.



The new Daily Email super-powered your inbox

2015 saw the redesign of one of our most popular features: the Daily Email. The updates weren’t just cosmetic—they were informed by extensive user feedback to provide more intuitive data, enable customizable preferences, and increase data source transparency.



New Dashboards revealed your spending narratives

The Daily Email wasn’t the only feature that saw some big changes this year. We also fundamentally rebuilt the Dashboard to let you create multiple, hyper-customizable battle stations. Then, we enabled Dashboard sharing to enable easy collaboration across teams throughout your org.



The Reservation Portfolio provided context for your savings

With the release of our Reservation Portfolio, you can finally access a global view of all of your Reserved Instances across all linked accounts—and the expiration date for each reservation. Subscribe for email alerts around upcoming expirations to ensure that you’re always replenishing your sources of savings.


It’s been a big year for the cloud industry; the signs of growth and maturation have been numerous and clear. We have a feeling that next year will be an even bigger one—and we’re so excited to help drive that growth with a tool that has never been more powerful, and of which we have never been more proud.


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