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Take stock of your AWS Reserved Instances with our new Reservation Portfolio

By Paul Biggs on December 7, 2015

Before diving into a Reserved Instance purchase, it’s important to take stock of what you already own. In doing so, you come to understand the context within which you’ll be making your next purchase; you can identify what hasn’t been covered yet, while also eliminating the risk of buying redundant reservations. However, putting that list together has been a manual and time-consuming process—until now.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new tool in our Reserved Instance management suite: the Reservation Portfolio.

All of your Reserved Instances in one place

Cloudability Reservation Portfolio

The Reservation Portfolio provides a global view of all your Reservations across all linked accounts, in one convenient location. The list is sortable and filterable, and perhaps most importantly, shows the expiration date of each reservation so that you don’t get any surprise drops in coverage.

To make it even easier to keep tabs on expiring reservations, the Reservation Portfolio also lets you subscribe to a scheduled email —daily, weekly, or monthly—that lists out reservations set to expire in the next few weeks:

Reserved Instances Subscription

Customers can access this feature in the Planning section of our app.

A more powerful Reserved Instance Planner

In addition to the addition of the Reservation Portfolio, we have also recently added a Results Thresholds setting to our Reserved Instance Planner.

Results Thresholds

Using Results Thresholds allows you to get more explicit with the savings opportunities you’d like to explore. Simply select a minimum savings rate or usage rate, and you’ll only receive recommendations for reservations that would be utilized at least X% of the time. If you set this value to 100%, you would only receive reservation recommendations anticipated to see full utilization during every hour of every day.


Reserved Instance ebook

We are particularly excited about this setting because it makes it quite easy follow our recommended approach for the

iterative buying of Reservations. You can focus your next round of purchases and modifications on instances with the highest utilization and savings rates (where you’ll get the most impact), and over time cover the long tail as budgets allow.

Master your reservation portfolio

Whether you’re just buying your first Reserved Instances or already have a large portfolio, ensuring ongoing coverage and maximizing your savings has never been easier. Simply log in or sign up for a free 14-day trial to view your own Reservation Portfolio and plan your next purchase today.

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