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The state of the cloud in 2014

By Leah Weitz on December 18, 2014

We all knew it would be—2014 was another big year for the cloud. Before we charge ahead into 2015 and all that it brings, let’s take a minute to reflect on the moments and trends that revolutionized the industry this year.

Here’s our highlight reel:

Businesses increased their cloud spending… a lot

In the course of managing over $1B in cloud spend, we’re able to accumulate significant amounts of data on spending habits. This year, that data revealed an uptick in cloud spending unlike any we’d seen before, due in no small part to an explosive increase in enterprise cloud adoption. We certainly enjoyed the shout-out when Chris Drumgoole, COO of IT for GE, told InfoWorld that GE plans to replace 90% of its data centers with cloud services—and that Cloudability has been instrumental in doing so.

The cost management conversation got louder

Companies aren’t just migrating to the cloud—they’re being smart about it. Cost management has been a huge topic of discussion this year, from re:Invent session halls to the news, as cloud users big and small share their strategies and tools for spending intelligently on the cloud.

There were price cuts (but it made sense)

Sometimes it felt like a day couldn’t go by without hearing of more cloud price cuts. To get the bigger picture of the trend, we tracked down Amazon’s pricing data over the last three years—and were surprised to find an extremely rational and measured pricing pattern. That so-called “cloud cost war”? Maybe not such a big deal after all.

Reserved Instances got a makeover

AWS made waves earlier this month when they announced the discontinuation of Light and Medium Reserved Instances and the introduction of new payment options. But we were quick to note that only 14% of the reservations in our system at the time of the announcement were Light or Medium—meaning that past easing the purchasing process, this announcement may not impact many users after all.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: this industry is at a truly exciting stage in its growth, and it’s beyond thrilling to grow alongside it. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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