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Save big on cloud costs by watching the small stuff

By Mat Ellis on September 19, 2013

As an IT professional dealing with corporate budgets it’s easy to get wrapped up in the large numbers and consider any sum less than a thousand bucks a rounding error. However, saving money on the Cloud has an immediate and compound effect. A thousand a week here and a thousand a week there saved by checking on the details can certainly add up quickly

Back in 2009 I founded the company that spawned Cloudability. I had many different projects on the go, and when we decided to focus on Cloudability I left most of them running. Maintenance was cheap and the projects were still valuable in some way.

I always suspected that I could probably reduce my cloud costs a bit but I was too busy and never got around to it. After all these projects were only costing me $228/mo. How much could I really save?

With three kids, a startup and a heavy travel schedule it took me three or four Saturday afternoons over the summer to find the time to trim my expenditure. Some things were just not being used so it was easy to turn them off or to consolidate into fewer servers & services. Other services took a bit more time. A few old rails apps had to be upgraded before I could move them, which was fun but time consuming.

Eventually I was done. And the result? My spending for this month is predicted to be $47.50. That’s considerably less than $228/mo.

Save on your cloud costs by sweating the small stuff

Turns out that paying attention to the details saved me thousands of dollars on my cloud costs.

It’s easy to ignore the little details when you’ve got bigger, shinier and costlier projects going on but an extra $6,500 in my pocket over the next 3 years is quite a tidy sum. And a great return for about 10 hours of work.

Just make sure you let your boss know how much money you saved them when you do this.

Sweating the small stuff has never been easier than with Cloudability’s app for managing cloud costs. Log in or start a free trial of Cloudability Pro to see how much you can save.

Being in the know feels great