AWS tags and Cloudability make it easy to allocate your AWS costs

AWS tags are an easy way to segment and allocate your AWS cost to different department, projects, products or costs centers. But, until now, most companies have had to use giant spreadsheets to make use of AWS tags.

With Cloudability’s AWS Cost Analytics, you can use Amazon tags to split out AWS spending any way you want in just minutes.


Here’s how to get started building your first cost by tag report:

1) First tell Cloudability which AWS tags you want to use on the Tag Mapping page.


2) Create a Custom Report in Cloudability’s AWS Cost Analytics.


That’s it, you’ve now got a breakdown of all your Amazon costs by tag.  You can customize your report by selecting date range or adding additional metrics/dimensions.


If you’ve like more detail, I’ve put together a short article that shows how to build an AWS Cost Allocation by Report.  Simply login to your Cloudability account or start a trial of Cloudability Pro to get started with AWS tags.