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The 2018 State of DevOps Report is Here!

By Stephanie Stouck on September 12, 2018
State of DevOps Report 2018

Software is eating the world and every company is becoming a software company. It’s not just supporting the business — it’s key in making a company competitive and innovative. Every business must rapidly adapt to changing market dynamics. The good news is that over the past several years the DevOps movement has really begun to take shape. It’s a movement of IT professionals that want to deliver awesome software to customers and do it with confidence. That means responding quickly to business needs while also providing stable, secure and predictable services. That can be really tough in a state of ongoing change.

Download the 2018 State of DevOps Report

While DevOps enables organizations to deliver better software faster, cloud computing is further shrinking both time to market and innovation cycles by empowering developers. And just like DevOps has helped organizations accelerate the continuous integration and deployment of new features, there also needs to be a culture of constantly optimizing cloud infrastructure for highest performance at lowest cost.

Cloud innovators, many of which were early DevOps adopters, discovered that in order to scale their cloud adoption they had to closely collaborate across operations, development and finance to continuously optimize their cloud spend. That can be hard. You can’t just say “We’re going to do DevOps now” or “We’re going to migrate to the cloud now” then expect everyone to drop everything, jump on board and make the operational challenges magically disappear.

Leveraging the cloud requires a combination of culture, best practices and tools that increases an organization’s ability to efficiently collaborate around cloud resources. The result? An iterative data-driven management of cloud spending that simultaneously increases the cost efficiency and profitability of the cloud environment.

Laying the foundation for DevOps & optimize cloud spend

Just as DevOps isn’t easy, managing cloud spend isn’t easy, and every company’s journey is different. This is a big reason why the team at Cloudability is excited to support the 2018 State of DevOps report, presented by Puppet and Splunk. This report is the longest standing and most widely-referenced DevOps research available. This year’s study received more than 3,000 responses from IT professionals around the world.

Previous studies have focused on the impact of DevOps practices, while this year’s study actually tells you how to get there. Key findings include:

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the 5 Stages of DevOps Evolution, then download the 2018 State of DevOps Report today.

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