On Cloud Nine: Cloudability’s $8.7M Series A

We’re excited to announce that Cloudability has raised an $8.7M Series A round, led by Foundry. Jason Mendelson and Jason Seats will join our board. Just over a year ago we were on stage at Structure with some screen shots and just a few users, so this is a really big deal for us.

Today over 3,000 people in 100 countries are using Cloudability. Collectively they have spent over $100 million on cloud services, and added over 10,000 cloud accounts. If ever there was an advert for the power of the Cloud, this is it. Three guys have an idea, and one year later that idea is being used across the planet.

Ever since the launch of our beta last November, Cloudability has had a real impact on our users’ lives. We love hearing stories about giant cloud bills made small, but just as satisfying are the stories of $1,000/mo budgets being saved from $2,000/day spikes.

Oh, and it’s also been a ton of fun.

So what is Cloudability going to do with the money?

There’s a lot of work to do and a long list of features to build. A very long list. Now we are able to hire more people, a lot more, and that means you will get those features much sooner than would have been possible otherwise.

In December we were four strong, now we are a team of 15 and growing. If you or someone else would be a good fit, please let us know.

Why should any of this matter to you?

Our mission is an important one for all cloud users, current and future. The Cloud is fast, nimble, and agile. Finding the right product, applying upgrades to your business, and getting new tools into the hands of your staff now take place orders of magnitude quicker.

This upgrade in speed is in large part achieved by eliminating a lot of safety catches from existing financial, IT and operations processes. This is faster but can also be very scary. Your job, your budget, and quite possibly even your company may be at risk thanks to a near total loss of financial and technical oversight.

There are only two ways forward: employ traditional processes, or find a new way to manage your spending. Choose the first path and you’ll be no worse off than when you had a data center. Meanwhile, those who found a way to cover their *aaS are firing up new servers in minutes, and you’re still waiting for IT to deal with that ticket you filed.

Our goal at Cloudability is to give you control over your cloud spending without slowing you down. We feel privileged to be given the chance to help solve this important problem, and if you want to help us meet that goal please get in touch.

Now if only we could get that darned tune out of our heads…