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October in review: Dashboard improvements and re:Invent wrap-ups

By Leah Weitz on October 29, 2015
October in review

Phew! What a month! Like many of you, we jump-started our October with a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent. But when the conference came to a close, we didn’t stop to exhale—and our list of recent feature releases shows it!

Check out the updates that we unveiled this month, then read on to catch up on recent blog posts and see what else we’ve been up to lately at Cloudy HQ.

Feature update: Create and share multiple custom Dashboards

This month we were excited to unveil two huge Dashboard updates:

Meet the New Cloudability Dashboard

In the first of these updates, we enabled hyper-customizable insight into the details of your AWS spending with our new Dashboard. You can build multiple custom dashboards, fine-tune your widgets with our new widget editor, build new utilization reports, and more! Read the full announcement to learn more.

Next, we unlocked seamless org-wide collaboration with Dashboard Sharing, so that you can share the Dashboards that you’ve built with individuals or teams across your org. Read the full announcement to learn how it works and see examples of different Dashboards to build and share.

That’s not all we’ve been up to lately—for a full list of changes and improvements we’ve made to the app in recent months, check out our knowledge base.

Blog highlights: re:Invent wrap-ups and cost optimization deep-dives

This year’s re:Invent conference left us with lots to talk about. Check out our recaps of the conference and our speaking session, and our tips for analyzing all the new AWS feature announcements:

AWS re:Invent 2015 recap: Freedom from constraints: In short, AWS is now in the business removing the word “no” from IT’s vocabulary.

The Science of Saving with Reserved Instances at re:Invent 2015: Managing your Reserved Instance portfolio can be challenging—you’ll need the right tools, metrics, and strategies to maximize coverage and minimize waste.

Four questions to ask about new AWS announcements: Making the most of new AWS updates comes down to understanding how they can impact you.

…But re:Invent wasn’t all we talked about this month. Check out these deep-dives on how to cost-optimize your infrastructure:

Getting scientific about over-provisioned AWS instances: Perhaps the most costly of AWS sins is the pervasive habit of running EC2 instances at suboptimal efficiency.  

Measuring Reserved Instance profitability with the break even point: At the end of the day, the most important attribute of any Reserved Instance purchase is its profitability. Did purchasing that reservation save you money?

What else is happening?

We’ve welcomed several more team members in the past month—in fact, we just expanded our office space onto an additional floor to accommodate our recent and upcoming growth! We’ve got several openings, including positions in Customer Success, Engineering, and Finance—so check out our jobs page and join us!

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