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November in review: Battle stations and automations

By Andrew Nhem on December 1, 2015

Have you recovered from your tryptophan stupor yet? We just barely have ourselves—but gorging on turkey wasn’t all we got up to this month! We also made some updates to the Dashboard, blogged about best practices, and posted a few more job openings. Read on to get the scoop.

Feature updates: Dashboard improvements

We spent this month fine-tuning your cloud cost battle station. One of several updates made to the Cloudability Dashboard this month was the addition of the popular Green Line widget to the default dashboard for new users:

Green Line Widget

We made a few more Dashboard improvements this month—you can check out the full list on our Knowledge Base.

Blog highlights: Battle stations and automations

This month, our blog posts focused on the different departments and team members across your org who impact your cloud costs—and the unique tools and strategies that each of them needs to manage their spending effectively.

The Finance Team’s cloud cost battle station: Ensuring that your finance team is equipped to make informed and deliberate decisions about your cloud comes down to getting the right data in front of them.

Why your org needs a Reserved Instances czar: If you’re spending more than $100K a month on AWS, it’s about time you appointed a Reserved Instances czar. What’s an RI czar, you ask?

The Ops Team’s cloud cost battle station: Each widget on this dashboard can help answer questions and drive decisions central to your Ops Team’s priorities.

But that wasn’t all! We also unveiled a script that we’ve been working on to help folks save more with their Reserved Instances:

Maximizing AWS savings with automated RI modifications: By automating your modification process, you can spend less time (and money) on misaligned RIs—and more time working toward your bottom line.

What else is new at Cloudy HQ?

We’re still hiring! If you haven’t checked our jobs page in a while, check again—we’ve posted a few new job openings lately, including Senior Product Manager.

With that, it’s on to December! To stay up-to-date on fresh job openings, new features, and highlights from the blog throughout the month, be sure to subscribe to the Cloudability newsletter.

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