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New Platform Capabilities to Align Your Business, Cloud and Finance Teams

By Gavin Cahill on April 8, 2019
Our new platform capabilities are designed to help you balance the speed, cost and quality of your cloud across every phase of your FinOps journey.

Cloudability is the ideal platform for FinOps. Our latest releases make it even easier for your IT, Finance and Business teams to manage the variable spend model of cloud and apply best practices based on the FinOps cloud operating model.

GCP: Visibility into Committed Use Discounts (CUDs)

Less than one year after launching GCP support, we’re adding greater visibility with a new option for CUD reservations in the Reservations Portfolio. With this new feature, you can get:

Business Mapping: Mapping Cloud Spending to the Unique Structures of a Business

Using a powerful declarative language, Business Mapping enables organizations to easily map complex business logic and operations into cloud spending and usage data, including:

Check out this blog post for more about Business Mapping.

Scorecards: Benchmarking FinOps Performance

With Scorecards, business leaders have unprecedented top-down visibility into the efficiency of each team and the organization as a whole. Scorecards allows you to:

Container Cost Allocation: Accurate Distribution of Costs

Container Cost Allocation is the only solution that provides full visibility and optimization of Kubernetes containers by collecting accurate utilization data and allocating the right portion of each resource to the appropriate cost centers (business units, teams, apps and/or services) for chargebacks. Container Cost Allocation provides businesses the ability to:

Cost Sharing: Operationalize the Full Allocation of Shared Cloud Costs

Cost Sharing helps organizations fully allocate cloud spend by operationalizing the distribution of costs enterprise-wide across groups, eliminating the need to track and manage them in complex error-prone spreadsheets. This improves accuracy and raises awareness of attributed shared costs across business dimensions such as Department, Cost Center or Chargeback Code.


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