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NetworkWorld: Amazon Web Services tweaks cloud pricing structure

By Leah Weitz on December 3, 2014

NetworkWorldAmazon Web Services is providing more payment options for its cloud-based virtual machines, allowing users to lock in a price and pay either entirely upfront, or throughout the life of a one- or three-year contract.

For customers who plan to use the resources for a longer period of time, AWS offers Reserved Instances (RI) that carry a contract of either one or three years. Previously customers had to pay for those RIs up front, but today AWS announced that customers can pay for the RIs throughout the life of the contract.

The new system replaces an old model that used light, medium and heavy RIs and offered customers different levels of discounts. That model caused confusion for some customers, says Toban Zolman, vice president of product development at AWS cost tracking company Cloudability.

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