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Meet the Cloudability team: Sales

By Allison Krug on July 14, 2014

When talking about Sales, it’s tempting to go straight to the numbers. After all, leads, conversions, and upgrades are the metrics that drive a business. That said— and while we do have some truly exciting statistics on that front— I’d like to talk about Sales according to a different number: six.

Why six? Well, let’s take a walk down memory lane…

It’s July of 2013. Gary Ellingson, Director of Sales, has been with us for a bit over a year. From Rogue Wave to Tripwire, he has sold in countless markets, territories, and channels— he’s a been there, done that, and loves it kind of guy. He not only brings a wealth of experience on the customer generation side, but also a vision: to define and surpass metrics expectations, to promote enthusiasm and knowledge around our product— to introduce us to his sweet Newfoundland dog, Freyja—and to build a team. Currently, he is the entire Sales Department. He’s got a lot of work ahead of him.

So, how did that team-building vision pan out? Let’s fast forward…


It’s one year later: July 2014. Far from our Sales team of one, we have a team of— you guessed it— six, and counting. These special six are responsible for inbound and outbound communication with both prospective and current clients; for facilitating understanding of how our product can ease business pains; for representing our core values; and for sharing our passion with everyone they meet. They’re in constant communication with the world on our behalf.

Our burgeoning Sales Department is one part local, one part relocated. We have team members from Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Minnesota, with skill sets as diverse as their sales expertise is impressive. They’ve visited three continents in one month to attend trade shows, been featured in local tech media as up-and-coming stars, and climbed the US Bank Tower stairs with a baby on their back for charity— one of their own babies, that is.

For all of these achievements— and because they talk on the phone a lot— we’ve given this team the unique privilege of their own floor in our building. So yeah, we’re excited about six. In just one year, we’ve gone from a single desk in the corner to all of Floor 2— and that’s just one of our departments. It speaks volumes about how busy we’ve been at Cloudability lately; busy building client relationships, and busy building new desks.

Curious about what’s going on in our other departments? Stay tuned for future posts in our Meet the Cloudability team series! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin for updates.


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