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May in Review: Changes and Updates in the Cloud

By Leslie McCollom on June 8, 2017

Learn about everything that changed in the cloud this month, and how you can make the right decisions for your business. This will be our last Month in Review on the blog for now, but if you’re interested in receiving our cloud news updates via email, please sign up here or at the bottom of the page.

Make the Right Decisions About the Latest AWS Price Drop and New RIs

See how you can make better decisions that factor in the new AWS EC2 price drops and the new three-year no-upfront Standard RI. We went over what both of these announcements mean and what you should do to start reaping the savings.

Learn How Cisco Umbrella Achieved a Massive 91% AWS RI Coverage with Cloudability

Cisco Umbrella partnered with Cloudability to immediately increase cloud cost accountability and management while at the same time minimizing waste. Learn the steps they used to get their AWS RI coverage to a staggering 91%.

How We Saved 50% by Switching to AWS EC2 I3 (and How to Get Even Leaner)

Learn how we achieved an immediate savings of 50% as well as other key performance improvements that can only be gained by scaling on the cloud. Our Principal Systems Engineer, Alok Singh, walked through why his team switched from EC2 I2 instances to I3 instances and discussed other ways to maintain cloud compute efficiency as systems continue to grow.

Introducing Three-Year, No-Upfront Standard RI Support from Cloudability

You can now compare all possible standard RI options and savings rates in our app, now that Cloudability’s RI Planner tool supports the new three-year, no-upfront Standard RI option.

We went through what this news means for you, where you will see the latest updates to our RI Planner and how to best leverage this new configuration for your organization to make sure you are choosing the right options for your business needs and saving the most money possible.

Improve Allocation Accuracy With New EBS Snapshot Visibility

Learn why AWS’ better cost allocation support for EBS Snapshots is big news for organizations with significant spend on EBS volumes and snapshots. You can now quickly map all EBS Snapshot costs to the responsible business unit, cost center or application team to track these costs at their resource level.

At Cloudability, we drink our own champagne – meaning we use our own product to maintain a lean, efficient cloud. Looking at our own cloud costs that we track in our data engine, nearly 9% of storage costs are generated by EBS snapshots. With this AWS enhancement, we can now dig deeper into EBS costs and properly allocate snapshot costs to the teams and projects generating them. We’ll show you how your organization can do the same.

Learn How Cimpress Saved on AWS and Gained Critical Insights and Visibility

The cloud is complicated no matter how large or small your business is. Being a global company with 28 different business units running on AWS makes it even more complex. Read on to learn how Cimpress, a global leader in customizable printed goods, joined forces with Cloudability to pull answers and insights from a mountain of AWS billing data and capture immediate and impressive savings.

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