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Launching Cloud Financial Office: Your Partner in Strategy and Success on the Cloud

By David Winter on September 18, 2017
Cloud Financial Office is what an enterprise needs to succeed technologically and financially on the cloud.

The FinOps Journey:

(EDITORIAL NOTE – Annotated in 2019 to show how this post fits into the FinOps cloud operating model.)

With the release of the FinOps cloud operating model, the Cloudability Cloud Financial Office became known as Cloudability FinOps Services. These services help you navigate your FinOps journey so you can maximize the use of our platform and industry best practices to reach your cloud goals. Our combination of strategic advice, practical guidance and deep technical expertise are all there to help you maximize the value of your cloud.

Visit this page to find out more about Cloudability FinOps Services.


For enterprise companies, moving to cloud is no longer an “if”, but a “when” – 70 percent of U.S. organizations have at least one application in the cloud, with 56 percent of them committed to increasing cloud hosting.

I came to Cloudability straight from AWS, where I worked with hundreds of these enterprise customers who were planning the move to the cloud, or who already had large spend in cloud but needed to put better controls in place. In my years of work in this arena, I saw a fair amount of frustration on the journey to the cloud “promised land”. Rocky migrations, unexpected financial pitfalls and stress when internal teams didn’t see immediate results – all through no fault of the organization. The inherent complexity of the cloud, the vast number of strategic options and the influx of new processes simply do not set large organizations for smooth sailing.

Cloudability started six years ago with a commitment to help businesses succeed on the cloud. They have deep experience working with Fortune 500 companies to solve the problems I so consistently saw, and shared my vision: a formal offering that helps enterprise companies find immediate and sustaining success on the cloud. I joined the team, we got to work and the rest is history.

Today, we’re launching Cloud Financial Office – for everything the enterprise needs to be successful on the cloud.

Your Partner in Cloud Strategy

Signing on with Cloud Financial Office makes us your partner in every detail of the cloud. We combine personal expertise and technological guidance from our massive data pipeline that results in a confident migration business case, accurate financial model and recipe for success when operating the financial “muscle” that enterprises need.

This starts with an in-depth discovery process. Our experts map all aspects of the enterprise business objectives and current data platforms to build out a formal, data-driven strategy. More on that below.

From there, we apply Cloudability’s (massive) data engine to operationalize and move the strategy into action. Cloud Financial Office provides 360-degree visibility into enterprise cloud operations, anomaly detection, and automation so that customers are never surprised by or behind on what’s happening with their business.

Cloudability’s Cloud Financial Office Anomaly Detection and Spending Alerts

That technology is supported and enhanced by our team of experts every step of the way. So that no matter how often or drastically things change – new announcements, new players, new products and features – customers will know that what they’re doing on the cloud is right for their business.

Complex Times

As the cloud has become a more critical component of how a business operates it’s also become more complex, in a way that its value can easily become convoluted. Teams find themselves surprised as costs and frustrations ramp up after a migration, or unsure of how to track and respond to multiple providers.

Before businesses even get to that point, there’s the challenge of just switching from data servers to the cloud. Should you rehost? Replatform? Refactor? Should the migration happen all at once? Be tiered out across teams? What are the impacts to the business?

A combination of technology and experience can answer these questions and the right data can tell a company how to move to the cloud, the financial impacts of those moves and precisely how they should plan that migration.

Hurricane Mapping

Cloud Financial Office taps into six years of collected cloud spend information that cuts across thousands of customers, dozens of industries and a wide range of company sizes to answer all of these questions. While every business is unique and should plan for the cloud as such, there is a lot of information to be gleaned by past migrations and cloud management – that’s where our technology comes in.

This is sadly quite timely of late, but I have long used the analogy of Hurricane Mapping to describe this practice. When the Weather Service needs to predict where, when and how hard a hurricane will hit, they aren’t just guessing. They look at speed, trajectory and landfall of hundreds of recorded cases to map out the most likely prediction for what is to happen in the near future. They combine that historical data with what they know about the present situation and are able to provide a confident, accurate forecast.

We do the same thing with cloud migrations. We look at the anonymized data of companies with similar profiles, complexities or business goals and can run hypothetical migration plans or cloud system models. We can learn from past cloud journeys to develop an informed plan for any customer.

The result is a confident business case for when and how you’ll move to the cloud, and what the impacts of the migration will be.

Keeping the Confidence

In Hurricane Mapping and strategy, we’re looking to the future. We’re getting past the current fiscal year and thinking about how to leverage the cloud long-term to help companies grow faster or be more competitive. Keeping that alive beyond the migration, however, requires ongoing execution. This is where Cloud Financial Office intersects with the Cloudability product our customers are using today.

Cloud Financial Office partners the real-time quantitative data collected by our platform with qualitative feedback from the lines of the business. Now, rather than the once-quarterly review of data spend on servers, we’ll be looking at the impact and opportunities for managing cloud costs real-time.

Our aim is to support customers in building new habits and systems that will help teams get the most from the cloud, without the financial frustration.

Your Business, Your Cloud Financial Office

Every business should have the financial and operational agility that the cloud creates. Our hope is that with Cloud Financial Office, we can remove the gaps that often exists between business strategy, migration plans and sustaining financial success. There is no one-size fits all approach. There is no magic recipe. But with a depth of data, the best technology and expertise aligned to your goals we can help make the move to – and make the most of – the cloud.

You can learn more about partnering with Cloud Financial Office here.

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