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June feature updates: New AWS compatibility, reporting improvements, and more

By Leah Weitz on June 30, 2015
Cloudability June in review

We’ve been cooking up some big things at Cloudability HQ lately. But all that bustling about in the kitchen hasn’t kept us from prepping some appetizers—check out what’s new this month, and stay tuned for more delectable updates coming soon!

Drill into new AWS offerings with updated compatibility

June was a big month for Amazon—we saw the release of the new m4 General Purpose instance family, the new burstable t2.large instance size, and the ability to tag Amazon Glacier vaults.

When we dug into these new offerings, we found that they offer some potentially significant savings opportunities—whether you’re replacing your M3s with more cost-efficient M4s, saving on performance with more powerful t2.larges, or optimizing your storage costs by monitoring your spending on Glacier with tags.

t2.large in Cloudability

We’re pleased to say that Cloudability is fully compatible with these new offerings, from helping you monitor your instance migrations with Usage Analytics to helping you allocate your storage costs by tag with AWS Cost Analytics.

What else is new?

You can now filter your reports with finesse using multiple “Does Not Contain” comparators on a single dimension, which will combine to operate with AND logic.

Cloudability filtering update

In the example above, the Cost Analytics Report is filtered down to applications which are neither tagged frontend nor tagged web-service.

We’ve made several other updates lately—you can check out the full list on our knowledge base. You can also catch future feature update posts like these by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this page!

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