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Join Us at AWS Summit Sydney

By The Cloudability Team on April 2, 2018

Meet up with the Cloudability Australia team at AWS Summit Sydney on April 10th-12th to see how we can help your organisation fully hit its goals related to the Summit themes – “lower costs, improve efficiency and innovate at scale.”

And be sure to attend our talks:

Challenges of Container Cost Allocation and Chargeback
Join Cloudability CTO, Erik Onnen, for a talk on the benefits and challenges of various cost allocation algorithms for container cost allocation in AWS.

Nuances of Reserved Instance Amortisation and Application
Cloudability CTO, Erik Onnen, will discuss how Reserved Instances apply to various types of AWS resources and how the amortisation of upfront changes, ISF and modifications/exchanges add complexity to cost visibility.

Improve Your Chances of Cloud Success
(Norton Shares Lessons and Tips For Effective Cloud Financial Management) 
Andrew Midgley, Technical Product Manager, Cloudability, will walk you through how Norton is striving towards financial and operational excellence through cloud financial reporting, company-wide dashboards and intelligent optimisation of cloud infrastructure.

In addition to these topics, we’ll be ready to discuss many issues relevant to cloud users in all stages of their journey. Here are a few topics that our Australian teammates have explored recently on our blog:

Be sure to check out our Events page to see where you can meet up with us all over the world.

Stop by the Booth M5 to say hello if you’d like to connect with us at the summit, or get the conversation started now.

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