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Introducing the new Daily Email for more comprehensive AWS cost monitoring

By Leah Weitz on September 3, 2015
Introducing the new Daily Mail!

The Daily Cost Summary Email has been a fundamental tool for staying up-to-date on cloud cost and usage data for our users since its first iteration over four years ago. Since then, it has helped thousands of Cloudability customers track over $2BN dollars in cloud spending. And now, we’re pleased to announce that it has just become even better.

Today, we’re introducing a new and improved Daily Email for more comprehensive and intuitive AWS cost monitoring.

New Daily Email

At-a-glance insight

The new Daily Mail isn’t just pretty—it’s designed based on extensive user feedback to give you all the information you need, as clearly as quickly as possible. From a preheader that allows you to see your spending before you even open your email to a design that starts with the big numbers and grows more granular as you scroll, the Daily Mail has never been this intuitive or comprehensive. Want to go deeper? Simply click on a number to open the detailed Cloudability report that it was derived from.

Data source transparency

This isn’t just a superficial makeover. We’ve fundamentally re-architected the way that your Daily Mail gets sent, so that your data gets processed and delivered at better speeds and with greater confidence.

Data source transparency

We’ll even tell you exactly when we pulled your data and when it was last updated by your cloud provider—and if your data is incomplete, we’ll let you know what’s missing and why.

Granular preferences and unblended cost

Drill into the data that matters to you with granular settings that allow you to filter by tag and account, exclude certain spending types, and choose whether you’d like your data calculated using blended cost, or unblended cost. Users with Reserved Instances may find that reporting by unblended cost will enable new, greater insight.

Updates from anywhere

On-the-go? No sweat. Your new Daily Mail is fully mobile-optimized, so that you can stay in the know about your spending wherever your business takes you.

Master your cloud spending

Ready for the next generation of at-a-glance cost monitoring? These new and improved Daily Mails will replace the previous iteration starting today.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for a free 14-day trial to monitor, optimize, and master your cloud spending today.

Being in the know feels great