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Introducing new Cloudability tools for enterprise management

By Toban Zolman on December 15, 2014

Today, we’re launching new features designed specifically for enterprise needs—to provide self-service, customized access to relevant cost and usage data directly to decision-makers across your organization.

In our time spent working with enterprise and Fortune 1000 companies, we’ve come to realize something about managing the cloud costs of a large company: as cloud usage grows, and as the number of people involved grows, it gets harder.

Cloudability users have always benefited from their ability to inform key business decisions with relevant cost and usage data. But at a large company, those decisions are being made by tens, dozens, or even hundreds of people in ops, finance, exec, and more. Communicating the right data to the right person at the right time is a big, complicated job but it needs to be done. Which is why we’d like to do it for you.

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Customize a dashboard of your most important KPIs

Our Cost and Usage Analytics Reports have been a customer favorite since their inception, for allowing users to filter down into their data with easily digestible reports. Now, you can access all of your favorite reports on one screen with your own personalized dashboard. After you’ve finished customizing your widgets, invite your coworkers to join you and build their own.

Cloudability custom dashboard

Get the data to the decision-makers

Cloudability users have long benefited from the ability to save and share reports with their coworkers. Now, users can automate a custom report to be shared by email on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule—from daily untagged resource breakdowns, to weekly reports on wasted resources, to monthly wrap-up spending by team. Sending meaningful data to the right person at the right time has never been easier.

Cloudability Report Susbcription

Apply global filters to access your data without noise

Filtering through massive amounts of data to the metrics that matter to you has always been a key Cloudability feature. Now, you can build a unique view for each user in your company with global tag- and account-based filters, to provide custom access to instances containing a certain tag within a particular subset of accounts. Each stakeholder can view their own individual spend and make informed decisions accordingly—without access to anything else.

Cloudability Views

Show how your Reserved Instances are being used

Reserved Instance savings—or lack thereof—can have a drastic impact on your bottom line. And at a company spending tens of thousands on RIs, it’s vital to keep stakeholders informed and involved throughout a reservation’s lifecycle. Access and communicate newly available Reserved Instance metrics across your organization with reserved utilization reports, cost per hour, and more, all powered by granular data pulled straight from the Detailed Billing Report.

Cloudability Reserved Instance Metrics

Get started

It’s time to turn challenges into opportunities; to spend less time asking “what happened?” and more time asking “what’s next?”

Join us in the future of AWS cost management and login or sign up for a free 14-day trial of Cloudability Pro today.

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