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Introducing Time Period Comparisons for Cloudability Reports

By Todd Meyer on July 30, 2014

Our customers often come to us with questions about changes to their cloud bill. Now, getting to the root of a cost spike or comparing usage patterns is simple. We’re excited to announce the addition of Time Period Comparisons to Cloudability Cost Analytics and Usage Analytics, for even deeper insight into your spending and usage trends and your cost-optimization process.

Cloudability time period comparisons

What caused that big change in our bill between the last two Daily Mail reports?

Cloudability time period comparisons

Is my usage this month trending the same as the first month of the last quarter?


With Time Period Comparisons, you have a versatile toolset at your fingertips.

Compare date ranges with the time period picker

Date picker

Choose from our pre-selected date ranges or customize your own to compare the precise date ranges that you need. Cloudability Time Period Comparisons even allow you to compare time periods of different lengths; the choice is yours.

Compare trends graphically

Cloudability time period comparisons

Cloudability Time Period Comparisons allow you to compare data visually with a graph of both time periods on one chart. Comparing trends has never been simpler.

View Percent and Net change across any metric

View by net or percent

Drill down into your comparison by Percent or Net change and filter by the metrics and dimensions that you know and love for an in-depth look at the difference between time periods. Then, filter the biggest changes to the top for a clear view of where your infrastructure is changing.

Share reports that stay relevant

You love how easy it is to save and share Cost Allocation Reports with your colleagues. Now, enjoy that same convenience with Time Period Comparison Reports. In addition to sharing your favorite reports with multiple time periods, you can save reports with relative dates, such as “this month vs. last month,” so that the report is always fresh and relevant.

Put Time Period Comparisons to work

Whether you use Cost and Usage Analytics every day or are trying them out for the first time, building reports that address your needs has never been easier or more intuitive.

Already a user? Log in to build your own custom comparisons, or start with one of these sample reports:

This month-to-date vs. last month-to-date, detail view

This week vs. last week, by account

Yesterday vs. the day before, by tag

Learning about Cloudability for the first time? Start a free 14-day trial to try Time Period Comparisons today.

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