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Introducing the Cloud Economics Forum UK Meetup

By J.R. Storment on November 13, 2017
Join thought leaders in the cloud economics, optimization and cost efficiency spaces at the kick-off of our new Cloud Economics Forum Meetup Group.

Cloud costs are already complex – mapping them to ROI and the long-term growth of your business or enterprise adds even more wrinkles. It’s time to think beyond ones and zeros or dollars and cents when it comes to cloud performance and value. The cloud experts at AWS, Barclays and Cloudability invite efficiency and optimization-savvy technologists and business leaders to start thinking about Cloud Economics.

Meet in November to Solve Tomorrow’s Cloud Challenges

It isn’t the spinning up of databases, storage or servers that’s so complex, but the mapping and reporting of this cost and usage data back to the performance of the enterprise. How does your front-end team identify cloud financial success with its digital properties? How do the backend engineers know if their infrastructure is cost-efficient for the business?

Join our guest speakers, myself (J.R. Storment, Co-founder of Cloudability), John Enoch, Principal Cloud Economics EMEA, AWS and Vivek Enniriyil, Cloud Economist at Barclays. We’ll discuss the best ways to create of a culture of cost efficiency (including optimized, user-centric dashboards, incentives and KPIs), cloud cost optimization in the form of elasticity/rightsizing/RIs, enterprise programs, billing visibility and improving unit economics.

Identifying your business’ or enterprises’ cloud unit economics is key. And as every business is built differently, it’s going to take thorough discussion and exploration to get there (not to mention feedback and best practices from experts who have helped many businesses achieve this).

What Happens When Three Cloud Economists Walk into a Collaborative Space?

Answer: a lot of exploration and learning. Experience the new frontier in cloud unit economics. Join our very first Meetup on November 21, 2017 at Rise London. We can’t wait to see you all there.

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