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InformationWeek: Amazon Streamlines Reserved Instance Pricing, Options

By Leah Weitz on December 3, 2014

InformationWeekAmazon Web Services tossed out “light” and “medium” virtual server choices among its Reserved Instances Tuesday, leaving the more powerful “heavy” RI server. With the move, AWS stripped away much of the complexity around its RIs, and enabled the heavy RI server to be configured in several ways, said J.R. Storment, chief customer officer, and Toban Zolman, VP of product development, at Cloudability, one of several third-party providers of AWS configuration and billing analysis.

Cloudability said of the 100,000 RIs used by its customers only 13% were light or medium servers, with 87% heavy servers. Amazon used the light, medium, and heavy designations only for its RIs, which further complicated a picture that was already burdened with confusing choices.

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