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Get the right data to the right stakeholders with Cloudability Dashboard Sharing

By Paul Biggs on October 28, 2015
Get the right data to the right stakeholders with Cloudability Dashboard Sharing

We’re pleased to announce that this week, on the heels of re:Invent and a corresponding Beta period, our Dashboard Sharing feature has been rolled out to all customer accounts.

Now you can curate and share custom-tailored Dashboards with different teams, or with all users across your org. You can also set the permission level for each shared Dashboard, to either Editable or View-Only, depending on the level of collaboration you’d like to enable.

At the AWS re:Invent conference, we demoed three different types of dashboards that would be good starting points to build and share amongst your team. Here are those dashboards again, populated with sample data:

Finance Dashboard (cost focused)

Finance dashboard

Get better visibility into which products cost the most each month, and what the total estimated monthly spend is for the current month. See your cost allocation across environments, teams, business units, or cloud vendors (e.g. AWS vs Azure), by digging into KPIs such as:

Operations Dashboard (utilization focused)

Operations Dashboard

See the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure, including reports to help you identify underutilized instances (both EC2 and compute), a tally of legacy instances in your fleet, and the daily elasticity of your footprint (are you spinning down your dev environment on nights and weekends?), by monitoring metrics such as:

Reserved Instance Tracker

Reserved Instance Dashboard

Keep track of how much of your monthly EC2 spend is covered by reservations, and how many of your pre-purchased hours remain unused, with widgets such as:

…and more!

With the new Cloudability Dashboard, the sky is the limit. There’s no end to the different types of dashboards you can build and share with your team:

Log in or sign up for a free 14-day trial to get started building. And, if you want a head start, our Customer Success team has built the three demo Dashboards shown above and can add them to your account—just shoot us a message in the app.

We’re excited to see what you create and share, and what happens to cloud cost and usage trends when everyone is on the same page—er, Dashboard!

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