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Get the Guide to Cloud at AWS re:Invent 2018

By Leslie McCollom on October 18, 2018
We literally wrote the book on cloud cost management. Learn what’s inside and how to get your copy.

As re:Invent approaches, we want to help you be ready for the challenges facing your organization by equipping you with the latest cloud best practices, strategies for success, shop talk and thought leadership.

We don’t get tired of saying this, but we literally wrote the book on Cloud Financial Management. At this year’s re:Invent, we’ll release the third edition of our book, Cloud Control, A Primer in Cloud Financial Management & Your Cloud’s True Cost.

What Cloud Control Will Help You Gain

Mat Ellis (founder and CEO) and J.R. Storment (co-founder and GM EMEA) were early and significant players in the cloud cost management space. Our book starts with a word on where the cloud industry and Cloudability have come from and where we’re going. Then we get down to the nitty gritty of cloud migration, optimization and more. Along the way, we tie these tactics and best practices back to your cloud journey (even if you haven’t started it!) and how your organization can win with the cloud.

Understand the Promise of the Cloud

First things first, the guide walks you through a new way to think about enterprise migration, along with the challenges and rewards it presents. Migrating to the cloud (and optimizing your cloud infrastructure) can not only save money, but can bring your company closer to knowing the true cost of its cloud. Learn the value in undertaking this process and where you can go from here. Whether you’ve already migrated or are currently in the process of doing so, this way of thinking and best practices (and even a few cautionary tales) will aid in your journey.

Learn the Benefits of Metrics-Driven Cloud Optimization and the Ins and Outs of Cloud Billing

At re:Invent 2017, Cloudability Head of Client Services, David Winter, joined forces with HERE’s Jason Fuller to talk about going From Cloud Cost Management to Financial Agility. In the corresponding portion of the book, get David’s step-by-step breakdown of the tactics you need to build and carry out an enterprise cloud strategy — and the KPIs to measure your cloud success.
Reduce Spend, Optimize Usage and Empower Enterprise-Wide Cloud Optimization
Last year, J.R. spoke with Atlassian’s Mike Fuller on Achieving Your Cloud Efficiency Goals with Metric-Driven Cost Optimization. This section builds on that discussion. Learn what you need to do to reduce spend, optimize usage and get everyone in your org onboard so they can function at the highest level with the fewest dependencies.

Optimize Cloud Costs and Lower Cost of Goods Sold

Lowering unit costs requires avoiding excess spend and capturing the lowest rates possible on cloud resources. At the scale of enterprise cloud, this can mean managing millions of cost line items and billions of cloud usage data points every day. A cloud cost management platform ingests this data easily while providing data-backed analysis so any team can make the right cloud optimization decision to lower unit costs.

A cloud cost management platform ensures that accountability is met at the same speed of the enterprise’s business. It keeps cloud unit economics in check and informs all stakeholders and decision makers across the organization that their teams are making the best cloud decisions
possible at all times. By effectively managing your cloud cost, you ensure you’re getting the most from your cloud. And when you getting the most from your cloud, anything is possible.

Get Your Own Copy of Cloud Control

You’ve seen what this book can help you accomplish within your own organization, now get a copy of your own. Reserve your book now and you can pick it up from booth #1316 come November.

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