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Fuel Better Business Decisions with Richer Cloud Insights

By Chris Rivard on August 18, 2017
Tackle complex cloud cost and usage data with our improved reporting features. Better business insights and decisions await.

Wrangling all of your cloud cost and usage data can get pretty complex. We’ve improved some reporting features in Cloudability to allow you to better slice and dice huge sets of data. The quicker you get to the right insights, the closer you get to taking the right business and technology actions toward a more efficient cloud.

Get Faster, Better Stronger Reporting

The TL;DR for Your Teams

Set up your specific cloud cost and usage views, test them out and then apply them to bigger sets of data. Use new interface features to get going quickly, or jump right into Cost and Utilization reports in a click.

Everything You Can Do with the Updated Reports Feature

Read on for a deeper dive into this update. Let’s start with the platform interface updates from the bottom and work our way up.

Preview for Data Exploration and Ad Hoc Queries

Now when you create or edit a report, we provide a preview using one day’s worth of your data so you can quickly see the results of your query – and make changes if needed – without having to wait for the full report to load:

This will make it a lot faster to narrow down a report to just the answers you are looking for, especially when looking across long timeframes or large data sets.

Make Multiple Changes to a Report at Once, Then Run it

By moving the report editor to the sidebar, it also functions like dashboard widgets, where you can change dates, add multiple filters, update metrics and dimensions, and change the sort order – all at once. Then once you’ve got your report settings locked in, you can run it (rather than wait for a new page load for each change).

Similarly, now you can also select multiple checkboxes to plot on a report’s chart all at once, rather than one-at-a-time.

By making report changes in parallel, you should be able to create and edit reports much more quickly than before.

Interact with Reports as They Load

Rather than waiting for a large report to load, you can edit or export it while it’s still running. Before, you could use the small ‘x’ button on the loading bar, but the new sidebar editor can be opened any time making it much more straightforward to take action on the fly.

Universal Create/Edit/View Workflows

As you can see in the screenshot above, now when you create and edit a report, it will look the same as the table widget editor for dashboards (dark gray sidebar). The goal is to move all editing features in our app to the same sidebar interface, so it’s easier for you to get your work done by only having to learn one workflow.

The biggest win here is the ability to re-order columns on reports using the drag and drop interface that is currently available in the table widget editor.

And here are some other benefits of the new universal feature set:

PRO-TIP: It Starts with Better Tagging and Allocation

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Cost and Utilization Reports United in the Same Location

Now, like dashboard widgets, you choose between billing data and Cloudwatch data when adding fields to your report (no longer a separate popup window):

Additionally, the Analytics navigational sidebar now includes both your starred cost reports and your starred utilization reports for quick access to your most-used reports. There are no longer two separate sections in the Analytics area of our app for each type of report.

Note that in order to combine/overlay cost and utilization data, you still need to use a multi-layer dashboard widget. Reports still only show a single data series.

Get Going with Richer Cloud Insights

We hope these changes make your job easier and faster as you slice and dice your cloud data. For current customers, get in touch with your Account Services team to learn more, or jump into the app to check things out. If you don’t have an account yet, we have a Free Trial for anyone interested in better cloud efficiency reporting and insights.

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