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Four Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Cloudability at re:Invent 2017

By Andrew Nhem on November 16, 2017
With re:Invent 2017 in a few weeks, the Cloudability team is getting pretty excited about bringing some new tools, insights and swag to the big event.

If you’re going to the event, be sure to stop at the AWS re:Invent expo hall and say hello to the Cloudability team at Booth #1410. We’ve got a lot of great reasons to stop by – check it out!

Reason 1: Pick up Our New Cloud Optimization Book

We were very honored that so many cloud optimization experts and enthusiasts picked up a copy of our first book about AWS cost efficiency. This year, we’re releasing “Cloud Control Vol. 2: Identifying the True Cost of Your Cloud to Unlock Business Agility.” This guide will explore the strategies and operational excellence that’s required to migrate to the cloud efficiently and run a lean, mean optimized cloud.

People attending our sessions will get a voucher for a free copy. Stop by our booth for your opportunity to get a copy as well.

Reason 2: See What’s New in Our Platform

Working with hundreds of cloud-savvy enterprises means constantly making improvements to our platform to keep up with the constant changes of cloud. Stop by and take our platform for a spin to see the new improvements and refinements that we’ve made to our cloud management platform.

Reason 3: Join Atlassian and HERE Technologies to Talk about Cloud Financial and Operational Success

Both of our re:Invent sessions are on the Enterprise Track this year, and will include stories and insights from Atlassian and HERE Technologies. We’re looking forward to discussing cloud optimization best practices with everyone, so sign up if you haven’t yet!

From Cloud Cost Management to Financial Agility: The Journey to Success (ENT 208)

HERE Technologies and Cloudability will talk about the steps required to build cloud financial agility. Learn the same steps that hundreds of our customers adopt in order to build a new operational model that provides cloud financial agility and predictability.

Achieving Your Cloud Efficiency Goals with Metric-Driven Cost Optimization (ENT 319)

The science of saving at scale on the cloud has changed and we’re here to keep you up to date. Join us and Atlassian as we discuss and demonstrate key data points and techniques for making effective cloud resource rightsizing decisions, along with how to maximize coverage and flexibility with ISF and convertible Reserved Instances.

Reason 4: Join us at the re:Invent Pub Crawl

Our annual t2.microbrews party will be a stop at the re:Invent 2017 Pub Crawl. Join us and other friendly guests as we talk shop and share some food and drinks.

We’ll See You All Soon

The campus for re:Invent is much larger this year, so check out our Explorer’s Guide for tips on making the most of the event. Bring your best self to Vegas to learn, meet, eat, drink and network with like-minded cloud-savvy folks! For more re:Invent coverage, check out our 2017 hub. See you soon.

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