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Four Cloudability reports to schedule for daily delivery

By Leah Weitz on January 15, 2015

When it comes to ensuring effective cloud use at your company, nothing will help you make better decisions than relevant, timely data. And with the new Cloudability Report Subscription feature, accessing that data has never been easier. Simply build a report with the metrics you’re interested in, select when and how often you want to receive the data, and you’ll get all of that important information delivered straight to your inbox, right when you need it.

While the reports that you subscribe to will vary according to your responsibilities and needs, there are several that we recommend everyone subscribe to—reports that are so important, you should be looking at them every day.

Here are four Cloudability reports to schedule for daily delivery:

Untagged resources

Untagged resources mean unaccounted for spending, and that can lead to all kinds of problems—from artificially low spending estimates to difficult or inaccurate chargeback. Catch these resources before they wiggle through the cracks with a daily report on all the untagged instances in your system.

To build a report of untagged resources, generate a new Usage Report. Select “Instance ID” and “Branch (value)” as your Dimensions, and “Utilization Hours” as your Metric. Then, apply this filter:

Underutilized instances

What’s the point of paying for an instance during hours it’s not being used? Whether someone spun up an instance and forgot about it or you’ve simply over-provisioned, finding and eliminating waste is one of the most powerful ways to trim your bill. To find existing waste and nip new sources in the bud, take a look at your Underutilized Instances report every day.

The Underutilized Instances Report is a default Cloudability report available to all users. If you’d like to try building a copy yourself, generate a new Usage Report. Select “Instance ID” and “Instance Type” as your Dimensions, and “Total Bandwidth,” “Disk I/O,” and “Avg CPU Utilization” as your Metrics. Then, apply these filters:

Filtering with these values will help you find underutilized instances across your infrastructure. If you’d like to check for underutilized instances within a specific environment, you can change the filter value according to your definition of “underutilized” as it varies within your infrastructure.

Spending by tag

A breakdown of yesterday’s spending by tag value will keep you updated on how your resources are being used across your infrastructure each day, and will make it easy to identify changes, track trends, and maintain general visibility.

To build a report on spending by tag, generate a new Cost Report. Select “Date” and “X (value)” as your Dimensions, where X is your desired tag key such as Application, Environment, Department, etc. Then, select “Total Invoiced Costs” as your Metric.

Budget alert by tag

You’ve budgeted out how much you’d like to spend on each aspect of your infrastructure; now ensure you stick to it. Generating and scheduling a report that will only be delivered when the cost of a certain tag value (such as “department=QA” or “environment=staging”) exceeds the desired amount of dollars will let you know when and where you have to either reign things in, or re-evaluate your budgeting.

To build a report that’ll serve as a budget alert by tag, generate a new Cost Report. Select “Account Name” and “X” as your Dimensions, where X is your desired tag key. Then select “Total Invoiced Costs” as your Metric. Finally, apply these filters where X is once more your desired tag key, Y is your desired tag value, and Z is your desired budget:

For example:

When subscribing to this report, leave the “send report even if there is no content” box unchecked:

Report Subscription

Now, the report will only be sent when your spending exceeds your allotted budget.

To subscribe to these reports and more, log in or sign up for a free 14-day trial of Cloudability Pro today.

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