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Filter AWS spending data by user with Cloudability Views

By J.R. Storment on September 5, 2013

The new Cloudability Multi User feature permits any Cloudability Pro account to be accessed by as many users as your company needs. However, not all of your AWS spending data is relevant to every user who accesses your account; you want the ability to segment the data that each of your users sees by relevance. Cloudability Enterprise users can do just that, by using the Cloudability Views feature to filter AWS spending data by user.

What are Views?

Views are app-level filters, which narrow Cloudability data into a specific set of accounts. Each View will only show AWS spending data from accounts which have been included in that View.

In the video below, we explain how to use, create, and manage Views:

For more information on setting up Views, visit our Knowledge Base.

How can I filter my AWS spending data?

By filtering your spending data with Cloudability Views, you can:

Views and Account Groups are available to all Cloudability Enterprise users. Multiple Users are available as a feature to all Cloudability Pro users.

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