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Drill into your AWS instance usage with new reporting dimensions

By Leah Weitz on February 26, 2015
Drill into your AWS instance usage with new reporting dimensions header

From finding your most expensive instance types to identifying instance families that need Reserved Instances, comparing usage rates by instance type, size, and family is key to understanding and optimizing AWS use at your organization. That’s why we’re pleased to make that process even easier by including Instance Type, Instance Size, and Instance Family as default reporting dimensions for Cloudability Cost Analytics.

Although you’ve long had the ability to view your usage by type, size, or family in Cloudability using custom report filters, you can now view all three dimensions simultaneously by selecting them from your default dimension options:

New Cloudability reporting dimensions

These dimensions are also available for Cloudability Custom Dashboards, and can be used to quickly and easily build widgets featuring the type, size, or family of your instances on the X- or Y- axis:

New reporting dimensions

To check out these new dimensions and drill into your instance usage today, simply log in or sign up for a free 14-day trial of Cloudability.

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