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December in review: New savings tools, new spending data

By Leah Weitz on December 29, 2015

2015 sure flew by! We capped things off with a bang this month—and so did AWS! Read on to see what’s new in Cloudability, and what we have to say about the latest Amazon updates.

Feature updates: Introducing the Reservation Portfolio for global RI management

This month saw the release of one of our most-requested features: the Reservation Portfolio!


The Reservation Portfolio provides a global view of all of your reservations across linked accounts, in one convenient location. The list is sortable and filterable, and perhaps more importantly, shows the expiration date of each reservation so that you don’t get any surprise drops in coverage. Read the full announcement here!

That’s not all we’ve released lately—check out our Knowledge Base for a full list of what’s new, including our updated CSV export process, new Dashboard tools, and more!

Blog highlights: Managing reservations and unpacking announcements

We began the month by drilling into best practices for managing Reserved Instances, accompanied by the announcement of our new Reservation Portfolio:

Take stock of your AWS Reserve Instances with our new Reservation Portfolio: We’re excited to introduce a new tool in our Reserved Instance management suite: the Reservation Portfolio.

The Reserved Instance czar’s cloud cost battle station: As czar, you’ll strive to achieve a reserved rate for as much of your infrastructure as possible. This is the battle station you need to make it happen.

Then we unpacked Amazon’s announcement of their new Cost and Usage Reports and the new data that the new reports yield:

Drilling into the new AWS Cost and Usage Reports: Just in time for the holidays, Amazon Web Services has given its users quite the gift: new AWS Cost and Usage Reports.

What else is new at Cloudy HQ

We’ve got big goals for growing our team in the New Year, and we’re kicking things off with openings in Customer Success, Sales, Engineering, and Product! Hop on over to our jobs page to check out the details.

That’s all for now. Want to be the first to hear about upcoming job openings, feature updates, and blog posts? Just subscribe to email updates.

Onward to 2016!

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