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Who in your company needs a Cloudability account?

By J.R. Storment on November 8, 2013

The FinOps Journey:

(EDITORIAL NOTE – Annotated in 2019 to show this post’s role on the path to the FinOps cloud operating model.)

Back when Cloudability was only a few years old, our co-founder sat down to answer the question, “Who should be involved in the cloud finance discussion?” The question turned out to be more complicated than we thought. After years of gathering best practices from hundreds of companies and billions in monitored cloud spend, the question was finally answered with the codification of FinOps: a cloud operating model that brings technology, finance and business teams together to build a better cloud.

Learn more about FinOps by reading FinOps: A New Approach to Cloud Financial Management.


In a world where lots of people in an organization can spin up AWS resources and there are multiple stakeholders working to manage fluid cloud-based budgets, Cloudability provides a common lexicon for cloud spending.  To ensure that your AWS spending data is available to everyone at your company who needs it, make sure to give Cloudability access to the following folks.


Granting stakeholders direct access to AWS spending and usage data allows Operations to get out of the way of AWS-centric teams to whom agility is key.  By providing a shared Cloudability account to all of the stakeholders in their organization, Operations can give these stakeholders the tools they need manage their costs independently.  At a macro level, Operations can use Cloudability to profile their total AWS infrastructure, by filtering their costs by department in a Cloudability Cost Allocation Report.  They can also use the Reserved Instance Planner to look across entire Consolidated Billing accounts to determine where there are opportunities for cost savings.


Access to AWS spending challenges engineers to improve their efficiency.  Engineers can optimize when they see the impact that a design decision has on the cost of a product by creating a “cost by product” Cost Allocation Report.  They can also look at the daily spend trends in the Cloudability emails to see how deployments affect costs. We hear regularly from our customers that providing insight into these costs promote engineer efficiency in product design.

Product and Business Owners

Access to AWS spending gives Business and Product owners the data to build and manage budgets.  These types of people generally use Cloudability to get a weekly report of their progress against plan, and to build detailed monthly reports accordingly.


Cloudability gives Finance the ability to understand and control costs while minimizing the need for manual Excel work.  Without requiring reporting work from Operations, they can allocate between business groups, see how groups track to their budget, and perform monthly/quarterly close much faster.  They can build Cost Allocation Reports according to product, internal service, department, group, environment, region, and more, in order to track the sources of all AWS costs with accuracy and ease. Then, they can use Cloudability data as the starting point for conversations with the rest of the organization.

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