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Cloudability and Twistlock Partnership – Accelerate and Secure Your Cloud Adoption

By Gagan Singh on August 22, 2018
Cloudability and Twistlock, the two best-of-breed solutions for cloud native applications, have partnered to solve your Kubernetes and container problems.
Twistlock and Cloudability are partners

As organizations increasingly go cloud native to drive digital transformation initiatives, container adoption continues to grow exponentially. Our State of the Cloud 2018 report revealed container adoption has grown more than 250 percent. With Kubernetes becoming the de-facto container management system and the release of Istio service mesh, we believe that container adoption is primed to explode. However, containers present a unique challenge around cost allocation and security. To help DevSecOps teams solve these challenges, Cloudability has partnered with Twistlock as part of its recently announced Twistlock Advantage Program.

At Cloudability, we believe that cost allocation and security are two critical pillars for customers to succeed in deploying and operating container environments. Containers’ unique characteristics for cost allocation are different from VMs. They require solutions designed to address those specific problems, problems like:

Given the above challenges, it’s important for DevSecOps teams to implement proper solutions to solve the challenges unique to containers.

In the case of cost allocation, the challenge is to get the visibility necessary to properly allocate container usage to the right cost centers (business units, teams, apps, and/or services) for chargebacks.

Cloudability delivers container cost allocation by:

A common best practice that Kubernetes implementations follow is to use namespaces to indicate a team, app or cost center that is responsible for a portion of a cluster. Often this is done to attach authorization policies to portions of a cluster, but it can also be used to allocate costs along the namespace boundary.

Partnering with Twistlock to Provide Comprehensive Solutions

According to Matthew Scott, VP Strategy and Alliances at Cloudability, “As more production workloads move to containers, our True Cost™ cloud management platform provides customers with deep visibility into their container costs. Our partnership with Twistlock for container security delivers the best-of-breed solutions for organizations going cloud native.”

Twistlock is a container security platform that delivers security throughout the entire application lifecycle:

“Cloudability and Twistlock partnered because we both saw that our best-of-breed solutions could help organizations adopt and grow cloud-native container technology. We are excited to have Cloudability as a key member of the Twistlock Advantage Program,” said John Leon, VP Business Development & Strategic Alliances at Twistlock.

Cloudability and Twistlock, the two best-of-breed solutions for cloud native applications, have partnered to solve your problems. To learn more, read our blog post on allocating resource costs when using containers or contact us to see how we can help you accelerate your cloud adoption.

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