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Cloudability Turns One-Year-Old: A Look Back

By Mat Ellis on April 4, 2012

Just over a year ago one of my co-founders became a proud father to twins. The day after they came home from the hospital (yes, for real) he and I, along with a third co-founder, decided to quit our jobs and build a platform to tame the Cloud. And so Cloudability was born.

The company was almost created on April Fool’s Day. Call me superstitious but I decided to ask our lawyers to wait. Delaware government was closed on April 2 and then came the weekend. Eventually the papers were filed and the company “Cloudability” was registered on April 5th.

Now here we are a year later and so much has happened:

Along the way, we’ve had so much help and support from spouses, friends, family, advisors, other startups, as well as our brainy and very attractive customers. In fact it’s been a bit overwhelming just how keen people are to help us solve this problem of taming the Cloud.

No doubt the year ahead will also be exciting and jam-packed. We’re excited to see how the cloud analytics space develops and where we’ll end up. We have some big ideas brewing in the labs.  So, be sure to contact us if you’re keen to be a private beta tester.

One thing I know for sure: although the work will be hard, we’ll continue to have an amazing time growing our company and helping to fulfil the promise of the Cloud.

Mat Ellis – CEO

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