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Cloudability Releases New Cloud Cost Management Products ‘Anomaly Detection’ and ‘True Cost Explorer’

By The Cloudability Team on April 26, 2018

PORTLAND, Ore., April 26, 2018 — Cloudability, the cloud cost management platform, extends its industry leadership in managing cloud costs again with the release of two new products: Anomaly Detection and True Cost Explorer. Anomaly Detection utilizes machine learning and Cloudability’s enormous data lake to monitor multi-cloud spend across all cloud services, alerting the customer if unusual patterns are detected while filtering out false positives. Meanwhile, with True Cost Explorer, enterprises finally have a visual and intuitive way to explore their cloud vendor billing. Analyzing cloud costs had previously been a tedious, time-intensive chore.

Overall, cloud provider data has become so complex that enterprise users need help not just understanding the drivers of their expenses, but even determining which ones are anomalous. For example, Cloudability customers regularly deploy services in dozens of regions and hundreds of accounts, across multiple vendors, each with multiple layers of custom pricing agreements. Cloudability designed Anomaly Detection and True Cost Explorer so that users can assess their costs within the framework of past usage, and current needs. Trying to examine cloud billing information without these products is difficult in the extreme, requiring complex spreadsheet manipulations.

Anomaly Detection automatically flags unusual billing activity without requiring prior customization. In essence, Anomaly Detection is a machine-learning engine right out of the box: it creates a baseline of normal deployment, then utilizes ML to quickly identify irregular shifts in cloud spending. Anomaly Detection works with every product across AWS and Azure, so there’s no need to opt-in particular services. This is important, because Cloudability often sees anomalies where a customer tries out a new service and forgets to turn it off, or doesn’t fully understand how their billing works. And given the cost of overages, speed is essential – the sooner a customer’s team can know there is a problem, the quicker it can react.

“The cloud ecosystem is already enormous and it’s accelerating rapidly, but as a consequence, billing is wildly different between providers,” said Gagan Singh, Head of Go-To-Market, Cloudability. “It’s essential for the continued growth of cloud that customers don’t feel intimidated while trying to sort through their expenses. This ethos has driven every decision behind Anomaly Detection and True Cost Explorer.”

For True Cost Explorer, Cloudability wanted to build a simple, visual tool with which customers could explore their cloud usage, and ask smart questions correlating usage to cost. As companies examine their cloud expenses, questions like why costs related to an instance are high, or what is the cost distribution across instance and service families, are common. To shed light on the billing process, True Cost Explorer can easily assess dozens of data dimensions, allowing customers to make more-informed decisions more quickly. As the name implies, True Cost Explorer is part of Cloudability’s promise to show its customers their “true” cloud costs in easily understandable terms regardless of deployment complexity. Once the question is identified, True Cost Explorer’s extensive analytics-based reporting can be leveraged to create flexible and empowering reports.

“Not only do businesses need to be alerted about unusual activity as quickly as possible, sometimes, given the growing complexities of deployments, even a tool that allows you to quickly understand your cloud billing and get answers to questions is is useful,” said Singh. “If you want your business to hit the ground running, it’s critical to make sure you have a way to detect anomalies or incidents within your infrastructure.”

About Cloudability

Cloudability is a True Cost™ cloud management platform that empowers enterprises to run their cloud like a business. Offering the industry’s most precise insight into every aspect of cloud usage in real-time, Cloudability ensures enterprises in all phases of cloud migration run their business with cloud financials they can trust. Adopted by a majority of the top 50 Fortune 100 companies across the retail, financial services, healthcare and media sectors, Cloudability helps both enterprises and cloud-native companies leverage advanced analytics, automation and machine learning to transform their cloud infrastructure data into a new source of competitive value, providing disruptive advantage over time. Cloudability is venture-backed and based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit

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