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Cloudability in “7 Hot Cloud Companies to Watch”

By J.R. Storment on September 12, 2011

We started Monday morning with a great mention in NetworkWorld’s “7 Hot Cloud Companies to Watch” list by Brad Reed.

“After Cloudability collects data from multiple vendors, it then can send you a daily email report providing all sorts of data on your cloud computing usage. Among other things, the report can tell you the amount you’re spending each day and month on cloud services, the vendors you’re getting services from, the type of cloud services you’re using (e.g., hosting, support, storage, etc.) and how much different departments in your company are spending on cloud services. Ellis says this daily report can serve as a way for companies to check in to see what they’re spending on the cloud every day and to get further details on their expenses by logging into Cloudability’s cloud data dashboard.”

Read the full article “7 Hot Cloud Companies to Watch” on Network World and sign up for our private beta to try Cloudability yourself.

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