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Cloudability Attains Amazon Web Services Competency for Cloud Management Tools

By Gagan Singh on September 13, 2018
The new Cloud Management Tools Competency was released today, and we're proud to be a part of it.

The advent of the cloud, a system pioneered by AWS, removed the constraints of fixed infrastructure from how software is developed, tested and deployed. As more organizations migrated to the cloud and architected cloud-native applications, a solid foundation became essential to success. To create that foundation, AWS developed the Well-Architected Framework. Following the framework, organizations build their cloud competency around five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

At Cloudability, we’ve focused on solving cloud cost optimization problems for our customers. Our story began when AWS was pioneering the cloud and DevOps was just spinning up as the rapid innovation engine it is today. Realizing the game-changing potential of the cloud, the Cloudability founders recognized the crucial role cost optimization plays — and the challenges customers were facing. Over the last seven years (and after monitoring almost $6 billion of spend), we’ve developed a cloud management tool dedicated to cloud cost optimization and unleashing the full potential of the cloud.

Today, AWS announced the new Cloud Management Tools Competency. And we are extremely proud to achieve AWS Competency status for the category. Inclusion in this competency demonstrates our technical proficiency and validates our focus on customer cost success.

Cloud cost optimization is a complex problem, and solving it must be a key focus for any company using the cloud. Cloud infrastructure changes constantly and cost data, updated by AWS every few hours, generates an avalanche of billing and utilization data — 33 million data points per cloud resource. All told, there are 275,000 services or options and over a thousand new releases annually. At the same time, migration to the cloud requires an organization-wide shift in culture, best practices and tools. Any solution needs to both simplify the cloud and enable that shift at the same time.

Our continuous cloud cost optimization platform provides the timely, accurate and precise insights teams need to tackle the problem. Leveraging machine learning and data science, Cloudability is able to consolidate that enormous amount of raw data into easy-to-digest dashboards and tools. Individual teams and central leadership alike empowered to take cost-saving actions that drive the company forward.

As a result, companies can build continuous cloud optimization into their agile processes and free up the resources needed to accelerate innovation.

Check out our blog to see how Cloudability is helping companies fuel innovation, or see more about how Cloudability supports AWS on our website. Start your journey to cloud cost optimization. Get started with a free trial.

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