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Oregon Business: Cloud power

By Aaron Kaffen on May 5, 2014

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What might a smartphone-app developer do with thousands upon thousands of high-end computers at her disposal? What about a game designer? Or a hospital? For a growing share of businesses shifting their IT off-site, the answers are limited only by their imagination.

. . . . The ongoing migration of IT tasks to the cloud will raise its own set of challenges for managers, says Mat Ellis, founder of Portland startup Cloudability. He offers up an analogy: a vertically integrated pencil manufacturer that transitioned from ownership of graphite mines and sawmills to a company that purchases its raw materials on the open market and works with dozens of suppliers to handle everything outside the final-product assembly. As with outsourcing physical tasks, companies that turn to online businesses for IT services will have to develop new ways to integrate vendors, monitor costs and ensure quality.

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