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Learn How Cloud Nation Optimizes Cloud Costs and Business Performance with Cloudability

By Leslie McCollom on September 26, 2018
Cloud Nation optimized its cloud cost and business performance with Cloudability, and so can you.

Like many growing companies, Cloud Nation had difficulty achieving visibility into its cloud spend and usage. The Cloud Nation team needed a solution that would provide timely, precise data on their cloud spend on a daily basis and automated insights, as well as accurate tracking of costs to help with billing allocation and chargebacks to clients.

Cutting Through a Sea of Data

Cloudability’s cloud management platform allowed Cloud Nation’s teams to cut through massive amounts of data for an accurate and immediate view of their cloud spend and usage. Just as importantly, Cloudability’s Views allowed them to build customized dashboards for each client. Users could instantly generate reports by persona and share them seamlessly across teams, helping business get done more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Cloud Visibility Unlocks a Higher Level of Operation

Once up and running on Cloudability, Cloud Nation’s teams were able to reduce cloud costs by an additional 5 to 7% on top of previous savings. At their level of spend, this was significant. In addition to these savings, Cloudability gave Cloud Nation the security in their decisions and the knowledge that nothing important would go unseen in terms of their cloud spend and usage — and no opportunity for savings would be missed.

As Director of Operations at Cloud Nation, Rocco Corage, put it, ”It’s peace of mind with Cloudability. I have my finger on the pulse of the company and nothing is changing without my awareness.”

Read the Full Story

Check out the full case study to get the ins and outs of Cloud Nation’s journey from cloud spend visibility to cloud cost allocation and chargebacks to rightsizing and resource optimization. For another angle on the story, listen to this recorded webinar.

If this raises some questions about your own cloud journey and where it could be going, reach out to us today.

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