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Six Steps to Cloud Management “For the People”

By Aaron Kaffen on October 11, 2012

Cloud bills and ROI are hot topics these days. As more and more companies look to adopt the Cloud, or to maximze their own cloud use, they’re looking at things like cost, efficiency and time-to-market as indicators of their cloud ROI. But there are other aspects of cloud management that can easily go unaccounted for … they’re called “people.”

Computerworld published an article today entitled “Cloud ROI: Of the People, By the People, For the People.” In it, they suggested that the real value of cloud technology is in “unlocking the brainpower of your workforce and customer base.” In other words, we need to be looking at our cloud implementations in terms of how well they enable the users of those services, both employees and customers, to add value to your business.

While it’s certainly important to know if you’re spending more or less on a given cloud service than you would on its more traditional counterpart, it’s much more valuable to your business to know if those cloud services are allowing employees and customers to add their input and feedback into your value stream more efficiently. That’s how products get made better, and how customers are made happier.

The article suggests six tips that you can use to maximize the socialization of your cloud and improve your real cloud ROI:

Now, none of these are simple tasks, and they’re certainly not simple fixes. But they do present a great roadmap for creating a culture of real business value when it comes to calculating your cloud bill and ROI.

Socialization aside, you still need to know how much you’re spending on the Cloud. Sign up for a Cloudability account today and get real-time cloud bill monitoring.

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