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Build Your Cloud Migration Toolkit: Free Checklist

By Leslie McCollom on March 13, 2018

You don’t climb Everest or K2 without a plan and a toolkit to help you every inch of the climb. The same rules apply for any IT organization preparing for a cloud migration, whether they’re Amazon-, Microsoft- or Google-bound (or a hybrid combination of them all!).

Migrating your infrastructure and workloads to the cloud is a complicated task that requires planning, coordination and timing. Your Operations, Development and Finance teams need to agree on a strategy, goals and the means to measure and be accountable to what the IT organization sets out to accomplish.

What Every Cloud Migration Toolkit Should Include

Find the wrong sherpa for your cloud journey and you can sink a lot of time and money through inefficiencies and lost opportunity costs. We have seven years of experience working with both cloud-savvy and cloud-bound companies, and we know which best-in-class tools will help with your cloud journey.

Get the Checklist

The Checklist Builds a Foundation for Cloud Success

We’ve worked with brands like Atlassian, HERE Technologies, Cisco and more using these same tools to equip their Business and Technology teams to operate cloud as efficiently as possible. It can get complex at enterprise scale, and making wrong cloud rightsizing or vendor discount management moves can prove to be expensive in the long run.

(If you’re less of a fan of checklists and more about guides, request a copy of our book on cloud cost management and migration planning.)

Share This Checklist with Everyone Involved in the Journey

An optimized cloud migration requires Business and Technology teams synching on objectives, timing and ways to stay accountable. Once you’ve downloaded and read the checklist, it’s time to talk to other teams in Management, Development, Operations and Finance to start collecting the right tools and taking the actions needed to build your cloud strategy.

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