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Budget Alerts Do Not a Cloud Management Tool Make

By Mat Ellis on May 11, 2012

I woke up this morning to some news and a flood of questions. The news said that Amazon had launched their budget alerts for cloud management, and most of the questions were coming from people who simply wanted to know: “how is this different from Cloudability’s budget alerts feature?”

To start with, I have to say how great it is that cloud providers are starting to build features that (a) users really need, yet (b) have the potential to reduce revenue. It shows a really strong commitment to delivering customer value. Features like this are just another sign that cloud management truly is as big a pain point as we’ve known all along … music to our ears.

Cloudability’s budget alerts look at your spending patterns to determine what you’re going to spend in the future, and then telling you long before you actually do.  So far, Amazon’s budget alerts simply tell you after you’ve gone over a set spending limit. They don’t predict into the future very well. So either you set a long period and find out you’ve already spent your budget or you set small periods with large variances to avoid false alerts and run the risk of not getting any alerts, even though you’re now 2x over your budget.

We’ve learned from our 3,000+ users that if it’s difficult and time-consuming you probably won’t do it. That’s why our budget alerts are designed to be set simply, once. We’ll report all the data that Amazon’s budget alerts will tell you, only it will come in a format that faster and easier to decipher.

Cloud management made easyCloudability’s magic is in the fact that we consolidate all of your accounts into one budget alert, so you’ll never have to go into each account and setup alerts individually.  If you’re managing a big spend with dozens of sub-accounts , we’ll always be your new best friend.

Bottom line, go check out Amazon’s new budget alert feature (we love playing with new stuff!). It may have some features that are useful to your individual needs, but I think you’ll agree, your cloud management is much simpler with Cloudability.

Simplifying your cloud management and spending is, after all, what we do.

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