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AWS re:Invent 2018 is Just Around the Corner

By Leslie McCollom on September 20, 2018
AWS re:Invent is coming up and we’re sharing the most important things you need to know and do now to have the best experience.

One of the biggest cloud events of the year is almost here! AWS re:Invent 2018 will take place in Las Vegas November 26-30. Learn what’s different this year and how to have the best possible re:Invent experience.

What’s New for This Year’s re:Invent

Whether you’ll be returning to re:Invent or making your first trip, a few key things have changed about the way it’s organized. This year AWS has taken two steps to make sure each attendee gets the most for their ticket price. First, the most popular sessions will be repeated, ensuring everyone gets a chance to attend their highest priority talks. Second, Session Overflow rooms will be set up so if you don’t make it into the actual room, you can still attend virtually, whether from a room next door or across the re:Invent campus. And since the topics will no longer be divided by venue, each attendee should be able to plan their day more easily.

Scope Out Your Sessions Now

Yes, you can watch from an overflow room or catch a repeat, but if last year’s show is any indication, you’re still going to want to register for sessions as early as possible. Session registration opens October 11th, but in the meantime review the session catalogue to pick your favorites and familiarize yourself with the lineup.

No matter how popular the sessions get, here’s one talk you don’t need to register for – Cloudability CTO Erik Onnen will speak Tuesday, November 27 at 11:10 AM in Kumo Theater, located on the re:Invent Expo Floor in Hall B. Join him as he discusses benefits and challenges of various cost allocation algorithms for effective container cost allocation in AWS.

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